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What we do


Set within a converted 19th century Victorian Mission, Blueprint’s unique interiors, warm acoustics and world-class equipment, united with experienced producers with the creative flair to deliver your vision, have made it one of the most in demand recording studios in the UK.

A diverse choice of sonically distinct recording spaces, with finishes ranging from dead to expansive, combine seamlessly with the carefully selected collection of modern, vintage and classic instruments and equipment.

Whether it’s dirty lo-fi or pristine hi-fi, every sonic idea has the opportunity to be captured and realised.


Most of our mix engineers employ a hybrid approach to mixing. It makes sense these days to complete a generous amount of mix work ‘in-the-box’, but the transformative qualities of analogue equipment and hands on faders bring life and movement to every mix.


The final opportunity to correct and transform level and tone before replication and broadcast. This is also when we arrange tracks into a final sequence, insert the proper amount of space between tracks and place track markers and codes for replication.

A good mastering engineer will make subtle decisions about sonic balance, bringing out the most important frequency ranges of different aspects of a recording and achieving a blend between the bass and high frequencies that can give a mundane track some punch and make a good track even better.

Filming location

With 15 individually designed spaces spread over 3 floors, Blueprint has featured regularly in music videos, documentaries, television dramas, live concerts and product launches.

The combination of striking interior design, technical infrastructure and sheer size has made Blueprint a unique and efficient filming location.


Ian Stewart

Ian Stewart

Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas

Gary Hadfield

Gary Hadfield

Relaxing spaces

With creativity, taking a break can often be a more productive option. Whether it’s for quiet refocus or a sit-down meal, we have a number of comfortable spaces available. For those who don’t believe in that nonsense and prefer to plough through, all our staff are barista trained and serve coffee, fresh from our friends at the Heart & Graft Coffee Roastery.