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Best Loved
Recording Studio

Interior 1 © Simon Buckley | Guy Garvey © Kate Southall | Interior 2 © Simon Buckley | Johnny Marr  © Pat Graham | Interior 3 © Simon Buckley

The weathered red brick exterior may imply an austere Victorian past, but inside the warm heart is clear to see. Natural light, a clean bohemian style and flourishes of a 1970’s northern aesthetic has made Blueprint feel like home, not only to major artists such as Elbow, Johnny Marr, Paul Heaton, Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg and Smokey Robinson to name a few, but also to a much longer list of incredible but lesser known artists.

After 20 years, our purpose remains the same. To produce outstanding records that capture the essence and vision of recording artists, and to encourage and nurture new talent within and around, inspirational people and surroundings.

Blueprint is a world-class recording studio with a no-nonsense, down to earth approach and it’s for these reasons that it continues to attract some of the world’s most influential artists, both established and of the future.

The studios

Unique interiors, warm acoustics, world-class equipment and highly experienced producers have made Blueprint one of the most in demand recording studios in the UK.

The big room 

Blueprint’s largest recording, pre-production and event space. The Big Room’s flexibility has seen it play host to award winning albums, unforgettable live performances, masterclasses and private events.

The rest

Over the last 20 years, Blueprint has redefined and redrawn the traditional boundaries normally associated with recording studios. Early adopters of a hybrid approach to recording and seeing technology as an instrument, not a crutch, Blueprint has always been much more than just a recording studio, find out more about what we do here. 


Ian Stewart

Ian Stewart

Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas

Gary Hadfield

Gary Hadfield

Our story

This year sees Blueprint celebrate 20 years since moving in to 39 Queen Street. Please follow our story here and keep popping back to witness amazing feats of memory as we try to recall and put in order exactly what just happened.